Experience The Highest Quality In Exterior And Interior Painting

Our Work

Old World Painting provides the highest quality in exterior and interior repaints, as well as all painting services related to new construction and commercial projects. In addition to exceeding the industry standard in these fields, we also provide many creative specialty services and programs.

Look again! That is not barn wood. Old World Painting specializes in finishes that mimic the aesthetic of barn wood, but come at a portion of the cost of barn wood. The sky is the limit when it comes to color and variety.

Looking for a more refined aesthetic? Old World Painting specializes in interior paint glazes and specialty finishes.

Old World Painting delivers the pinnacle of interior wood finish potential. We use top-of-line stain systems and clear-coat options from ML Campbell. Here creativity and craftsmanship meet, whether you desire a classic stain, refined glaze, or any other specialty wood finish.

Improve ease of cleaning and aesthetic with a finished garage floor, or turn a simple slab of concrete into a beautiful feature in your home with Old World Painting's decorative concrete options.

It's our experience that Colorado's large temperature swings, snow and ice, dry climate, and intense U.V. exposure create unique maintenance realities that are best handled proactively. Without a proactive approach, we've found that clients often contact us after permanent damage has been done to their home. That's why we created a program that alerts you as to when experience says it would be wise to evaluate certain aspects of your home for potential maintenance needs. So sit back and relax! A lot of experience has given us a very good idea as to when your beautiful home may need attention. When that time comes, we'll contact you and provide a free and honest evaluation.